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Unlock Nature's Potential™

At Tryptomics, our dedication to accuracy, precision, and reliability sets us apart.

We are an early-stage biotechnology company pushing the boundaries in natural product research, testing services and testing technology. Our innovative approach combines analytical chemistry and next-generation sequencing, empowering faster innovation in creating essential APIs, nutraceutical products, and novel formulations of natural medicine. We offer comprehensive chemical and genetic testing services for a variety of medicinal plants and mushrooms. 

At Tryptomics, we're shaping a future where natural products stand at the forefront of health and wellness. Our operations, driven by our core values of innovation, collaboration, integrity, and sustainability, reinforce our commitment to a healthier and sustainable world.

Explore Tryptomics and Unlock Nature's Potential™.

What Our Customers Have To Say

Denver, CO

"Tryptomics has been one of the only labs I can trust for consistently accurate results. I really appreciate the Tryptomics team!"

Boulder, CO

"An amazing group of scientists that went out of their way to educate me. Learning testing has been a blast."

Evergreen, CO

"Having Tryptomics to help screen my source material and dial in my extractions enabled me to produce consistent and reliable gummies."

Tryptomics' Pipeline 

Tryptomics' expert team offers a comprehensive metabolomics pipeline, combining chemistry, sequencing, bioinformatics, genetic assays, and novel variety development. With cutting-edge technologies, we extract and identify unique metabolic profiles to gain insights into underlying biological mechanisms. We specialize in identifying and validating novel biosynthetic pathways and creating new strains and varieties with enhanced metabolic profiles. Our commitment to providing high-quality, actionable data accelerates research and development programs.

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Developing Science Collaboratively

Critical Consulting
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Hyphae Labs
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Petri Dishes

Marker Assisted Breeding & Genetic Research

Pick Our Markers You Need or We Can Develop What You Want

Patent-Protected and Open-Source Genetic Markers to Understand and Predict the Chemistry of Fungi and Plants.

Metabolite Identification & Quantification

Proprietary Analytical Methods and Compound Identification Services

Industry Leading Proprietary and Open-Source Analytical Chemical Methods to Understand the Metabolomics of Various Species.

 Genetic & Metabolomic-Based Intellectual Property Protection

Market Your Product Scientifically & Protect Your Work

Comprehensive Cultivar Profiling & Ability to Privately Document Novel Varieties for IP-Related Filings.

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