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Alpha and Beta Glucan Testing (10 Tests)

Alpha and Beta Glucan Testing (10 Tests)


Sold in quanities of 10 tests as the minimum order due to the length required to run the assay, which allows you to compare your various isolations of different mycellia and fruiting bodies, as well as compare your products to your competitors as well! 

Beta-glucans are polysaccharides that are abundant in algae, fungi, and yeast. Different sources of beta-glucans have varying structures, with mushroom and fungal beta-glucans having (1,3)(1,6)-beta-glucan structure. Our Tryptomics method is a tailored technique that precisely quantifies this specific beta-glucan structure and also detects any contamination from alpha-glucans, like those found in cereal starches.Our method, Tryptomics, is a specialized approach that accurately measures this unique structure of beta-glucan while also detecting potential contamination from alpha-glucans such as cereal starches.


Our testing service allows for the measurement of beta-glucans in various mushroom species, enabling identification of superior cultivars and identifying any grain-contaminated raw materials. Our assay is flexible and can be performed on extracts, fruiting bodies, and mycelia.


Our results are reliable, with all values reported having a standard error of less than 5%. Elevate your fungal analysis game and ensure accurate beta-glucan measurement with Tryptomics' Beta-Glucan Testing Service!

  • Sample Intake Process

    Upon finalizing your transaction, a member of our Tryptomics team will engage with you to manage payment procedures and organize the details for sample conveyance, encompassing both drop-off and shipment options. It is your responsibility, in submitting a sample for Tryptamine Analyses, to certify that it is strictly for personal use and in compliance with all applicable state and local laws. Please be informed that Tryptomics, while providing rigorous and reliable analyses, is not a state-licensed testing laboratory.

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