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Water Activity and Moisture Analysis

Water Activity and Moisture Analysis

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At Tryptomics, we understand the paramount importance of safety and quality in your products. Our water activity and moisture content testing services are designed to provide you with precise assessments that are vital in maintaining product excellence.

Water activity, a measure of available water in a product, plays a crucial role in the growth of potentially harmful microorganisms. Moisture content, the measure of water presence, is a significant factor in determining product quality and shelf life.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, our rigorous testing procedures accurately quantify water activity and moisture content in your various fruit, concentrate, or finished product samples. Our adherence to strict quality control norms and validated methods guarantees the reliability and accuracy of our results.

By providing you with these crucial insights, we enable you to make informed decisions about product safety and quality. Our data helps you identify potential risks, allowing you to design effective control measures, ensuring product safety and consumer health protection.

  • Sample Intake Process

    Upon finalizing your transaction, a member of our Tryptomics team will engage with you to manage payment procedures and organize the details for sample conveyance, encompassing both drop-off and shipment options. It is your responsibility, in submitting a sample for Tryptamine Analyses, to certify that it is strictly for personal use and in compliance with all applicable state and local laws. Please be informed that Tryptomics, while providing rigorous and reliable analyses, is not a state-licensed testing laboratory.

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