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2024 Colorado Psychedelic Cup

Colorado Psychedelic Cup Submission

$120.00 Regular Price
$75.00Sale Price

You must have a Psychedelic Club of Denver Growers Pass to Purchase These Packages!
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The 2024 Colorado Psychedelic Cup is 2nd Annual Psychedelic Club Competition but the first cup to include safety testing of natural medicines and offering a genetic component with the option to be one of the first to use Tryptomics novel PsiM PCR Genotyping Analysis that's geared towards helping better inform breeders and cultivators. 


Elevate your psychedelic testing experience with our exclusive testing offers for participants of the Second Annual Colorado Psychedelic Cup presented by The Psychedelic Club of Denver.


Designed for creating a useful public database of products, varieties of mushrooms, as well as Mescaline- and DMT-containing organisms to provide this as a useful tool for the community to use on the dosing and safety of these natural medicines.   

  • Sample Intake Process

    How to Submit Your Sample:

    1. Select Your Entry Type: Choose the appropriate package based on your sample type, enter your sample information, and number of desired tests before placing your order. Please be sure to include your grower pass # with the order, and feel free to use Good Citizen as your name if you wish to remain anonymous. We do need a valid email for payment and result return purposes. 
    2. Pay For Your Entry: Tryptomics will provide a separate QuickBooks invoice via email within 24-48 business hours after your order.
    3. Prepare Your Sample: Follow our sample intake guidelines (emailed to you with the invoice) to ensure your sample is labeled properly and arrives at our lab safely.
    4. Wait for Your Results: The results of the cup will be returned after 1-4 weeks after the sample is submitted. Additionally the results will be made public on the Live Leaderboard that we will be hosting so you can see your ranking as the competition is on-going!

    It is your responsibility, in submitting a sample for Tryptamine Analyses, to certify that it is strictly for personal use and in compliance with all applicable state and local laws. Please be informed that Tryptomics, while providing rigorous and reliable analyses, is not a state-licensed testing laboratory.

  • Testing Panels

    1. Full Tryptamine Panel on Fruit or Concentrates - $75/sample

    • Comprehensive testing of 14 Bioactive Compounds Found in Psilocybin-Containing Mushrooms. 

    2. Tryptamine Edibles Homogeneity - $200/sample

    • Detailed homogeneity testing for 20 total analytes in tryptamine-infused edibles, ensuring consistent distribution of active compounds.
    • As part of this 20-compound panel, it covers 3 synthetic psilocybin-like compounds as well that have been found in magic mushroom chocolate bars being sold. 

    3. DMT-Containing Biomass or Concentrates - $75/sample

    • Quantitative analysis for 5-MeO-DMT, N-NMT, 4-HO-MET, 4-AcO-DMT, and N,N-DMT for DMT-containing plants and extracts.

    4. Mescaline-Containing Cacti Biomass or Concentrates - $75/sample

    • Quantitative analysis for Mescaline, Adenosine, and Tryptophan in various species of Cacti and extracts. 
  • Buy It All Packages

    For a limited time to encourage pre-regulation safety testing and gaining a deeper understanding of natural medicines, we're offering a bundle package that allows for any consumer to understand the safety of what they're taking and making. 

    1. Fruit Package - $500 (Value: $670)

    • Includes: Tryptamine Panel, Heavy Metal Testing, Pesticide Screening, and PsiM Genotyping Analyses.

    2. Concentrates Package - $500 (Value: $670)

    • Includes: Tryptamine Panel, Heavy Metal Testing, Pesticide Screening, and Residual Solvent Analysis.

    3. Edibles Package - $500 (Value: $650)

    • Includes: Tryptamine Panel, Heavy Metal Testing, Pesticide Screening, and Homogeneity Testing.
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