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Heavy Metal Content Testing

Heavy Metal Content Testing


At Tryptomics, we're dedicated to ensuring the quality and safety of your natural products. Our comprehensive Heavy Metal Testing Service, developed in collaboration with our trusted testing partner, offers cutting-edge analysis of critical elements in any plant or fungi that are not classified as scheduled substances by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). This service is designed to empower your R&D initiatives and not intended for regulatory purposes.


Our heavy metal testing service specifically identifies and quantifies the presence of four key heavy metals: Arsenic, Cadmium, Mercury, and Lead. By identifying the presence and concentration of these metals, you can ensure the safety and efficacy of your natural product formulations.


To achieve the most accurate and reliable results, we employ Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS). ICP-MS is a highly sensitive technique that can detect even trace amounts of heavy metals in a sample. This technology allows us to provide you with detailed, accurate data on the heavy metal content in your products, critical for assessing product safety and quality.


Trust Tryptomics to deliver unparalleled testing services. Our Heavy Metal Testing Service is more than just an analysis – it's our commitment to your product's safety, your brand's integrity, and the health of your consumers. Invest in assurance, invest in quality, and let Tryptomics facilitate your R&D endeavors with our trusted testing solutions.

  • Sample Intake Process

    Upon finalizing your transaction, a member of our Tryptomics team will engage with you to manage payment procedures and organize the details for sample conveyance, encompassing both drop-off and shipment options. It is your responsibility, in submitting a sample for Tryptamine Analyses, to certify that it is strictly for personal use and in compliance with all applicable state and local laws. Please be informed that Tryptomics, while providing rigorous and reliable analyses, is not a state-licensed testing laboratory.

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