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Tryptamine Testing

By leveraging Tryptomics' Tryptamine Assay, you gain comprehensive insights into your product's alkaloid composition. These insights not only reinforce consumer safety and trust but also help you fine-tune your offerings to ensure optimal effectiveness and consistency.

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What Is A Tryptamine?

Tryptamines are a group of compounds that play a crucial role in human physiology, being derived from the essential amino acid tryptophan. Many Tryptamines are bioactive, acting as neurotransmitters, psychotropic substances, or metabolic intermediaries. As these compounds can significantly influence cognitive and physical health, understanding their presence and quantity in natural and synthesized products is vital. At Tryptomics, we specialize in the accurate detection and quantification of various Tryptamines, helping you ensure the safety, consistency, and efficacy of your products.

Types of Tryptamines

Unmethylated Tryptamines

Tryptamines without a methyl group addition

  • Examples

    • Serotonin (5-Hydroxytryptamine

    • Norbaeocystin

    • Tryptamine 

    • 4-Hydroxytryptamine


Tryptamines with a single methyl group addition

  • Examples

    • N-Methyl-Tryptamine (NMT)

    • Baeocystin

    • Norpsilocin


Tryptamines with a second methyl group addition

  • Examples

    • N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT)

    • Psilocybin

    • Psilocin


Tryptamines with a third methyl group addition

  • Examples

    • Aeruginascin 

    • 4-Hydroxy-Trimethyltryptamine

NMT Chemical Structure
DMT  Chemical Structure
4-OH-TMT  Chemical Structure

Why Is Testing Important?

Understanding the Tryptamine content of your product is critical for ensuring consistency, efficacy, and safety. Accurate measurement can help guide appropriate dosing, support regulatory compliance, and facilitate research into new and existing therapeutic applications. By choosing Tryptomics for your Tryptamine testing needs, you are prioritizing the integrity and reliability of your product.

Our team of experienced analysts utilizes cutting-edge technology and methodologies to provide you with precise, reliable results. We are committed to delivering not just data, but also insights that can guide your product development and marketing strategies.

Unsure where to get started or what test is right for your product?

Tryptomics Team is always here to provide the best customer service and help you understand and apply your results! 

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