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MDMAQTest - At-Home Ecstasy Testing

MDMAQTest - At-Home Ecstasy Testing


Know your dose with the MDMA QTest


The MDMA QTest is the first and only quantitative MDMA test kit on the market for ecstasy and molly.This single-use kit can tell you the potency of MDMA powder or crystals, or how many milligrams of MDMA are in a pressed ecstasy tablet.Use only a small amount, then compare the color of the detection vial with the enclosed color chart.It’s that simple.


This Kit is Only for Determining Potency


This is our Basic MDMA QTest, which means it is only for detecting potency. It cannot tell you whether you have MDMA to begin with. Only buy this kit if you already know you have MDMA. Many companies sell qualitative test kits for detecting MDMA. You may want to use one of those first.

However, you can also buy our Advanced MDMA QTest that comes with two smaller, confirmation tests. That kit will tell you whether you actually have MDMA, and also detects counterfeit samples containing amphetamine, methamphetamine, caffeine, MDA (or MDA-MDMA combinations), PMA, PMMA or 2C-B.

A flat-rate shipping fee of $7.95 will be added to all QTest orders, regardless of quanitity ordered! 

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