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Psychedelic Research Findings Revealed at MAPS Psychedelic Science 2023

The MAPS Psychedelic Science 2023 conference in Denver was the largest psychedelic gathering in history, bringing together hundreds of experts and enthusiasts to share their latest insights. MAPS (the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) is a nonprofit organization dating back to 1986 when founder Rick Doblin attempted to stop the DEA from classifying MDMA as a Schedule I substance. Although his efforts failed, MAPS continued its psychedelic research and advocacy for the past 35 years.

Cultivation, chemistry, and genome of Psilocybe zapotecorum

Psilocybe zapotecorum is a strongly blue-bruising psilocybin mushroom used by indigenous groups in southeastern Mexico and beyond. While this species has a rich history of ceremonial use, research into its chemistry and genetics have been limited. Herein, we detail mushroom morphology and report on cultivation parameters, chemical profile, and the full genome sequence of P. zapotecorum . First, growth and cloning methods are detailed that are simple, and reproducible. In combination with high resolution microscopic analysis, the strain was barcoded, confirming species-level identification. Full genome sequencing reveals the architecture of the psilocybin gene cluster in P. zapotecorum, and can serve as a reference genome for Psilocybe Clade I.

Steps to Tripping Safely on Legal Psychedelics

Testing labs, journaling, trip sitting, community groups and hotlines can all help ensure a safe trip to space and back.

Celebrities love this psychedelic drug, but experts warn it can be dangerously contaminated

These psychedelic candies are widely sold across the state and often look like legal products — Bon Appetit recently described them as a “luxurious” treat that would fit in at Erewhon, the trendy L.A. market — but a new report is raising concerns that these illegal products can be dangerously contaminated.

Blue Meanie mushroom is actually quite nice

There is a whole bouquet of magic mushroom strains proven to incite a psychedelic experience, from Golden Teachers to the Blue Meanie mushroom. While these species both contain psilocybin, they belong to different genus. There is a vast taxonomy of psychedelic mushrooms.

Lemon tek: the citrus-based magic mushroom hack

People eat magic mushrooms for various reasons, and some enact the power of lemon tek. Psilocybin is a choice for those seeking spiritual awakening. Others aim to heal trauma or hope to enjoy exploring another realm with their friends. Interest in psilocybin has increased as more cities and states enact legalization amid federal Schedule 1 classification.

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