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Colorado Natural Product Laboratory Services

Allomics Labs, the flagship testing laboratory under the Tryptomics brand, offers an extensive portfolio of chemical and genetic testing services. Our laboratory is dedicated to accuracy and precision on all products we test to ensure that you know what you're getting every time!  At Allomics Labs, we aim to revolutionize the field of chemical and genetic testing for natural products by bringing innovative solutions to the forefront of the industry and empowering cultivators, extractors, and manufacturers to produce the highest quality natural product-containing supplements possible! 

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Analytical Chemistry

Our Chemical Quantification service offers potency and purity analysis for an array of compounds present in psychedelic and medicinal mushrooms and a variety of other natural products compliant with the Natural Medicine Health Act. Our groundbreaking and cross-lab validated testing also includes an industry-first assay for beta-carbolines. With our in-depth testing for fruit, concentrate, and infused products, we cater to diverse matrices, ensuring quality, safety, and compliance of your natural products.


Genetic Services

Our Genetic Services extend beyond basic analysis. Tryptomics' range of sequencing services empowers you with deep insights into your preferred entheogen's genome. We offer whole genome and transcriptome sequencing, employing both Nanopore long-read and Illumina short-read sequencing technologies. Furthermore, our services encompass designing custom experiments for creating breeding markers tailored to your specific applications.

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Our Consulting Services strive to facilitate seamless interpretation and application of data derived from your process and products. We provide assistance with implementing our turnkey analytical chemistry method, interpreting data, and applying it effectively. Moreover, our contract R&D services can assist in optimizing your process and products, delivering results that empower your business decisions.

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Are You Looking For A Reliable and Trustworthy Laboratory to Help Your Psilocybe Cubensis, Panaeolus Cyanescens, or Other Rare Psilocybin-Containing Mushroom Breeding Project?

Well look no further since Allomics Labs is here to help using Tryptomics scientifically-backed and cross-lab validated methodologies.  We specialize in providing cultivators, breeders, extractors, and manufacturers with the highest quality and most informative tryptamine testing methods. 

Under the NMHA of Colorado, home cultivators are allowed to submit samples to our laboratory for potency analysis. Our tests are designed to be for personal use only and are not intended to fulfill any state or federal testing requirement as Tryptomics and Allomics Labs are not a certified testing laboratory by the State of Colorado.

How Does Testing Work?

We use a High Pressure Liquid Chromatography Machine with a Diode Array Detector (HPLC-DAD)

This is what the majority of our assays use to analyze your sample. It uses chromatography to separate the compounds that are extracted from your sample before passing them through what's called a diode-array detector. This lets us examine multiple UV-wavelength absorbances of each compound to ensure accurate identification and quantification of the analytes of interest. 

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